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These Are 15 Cheapest U.S. Getaway Destinations For Winter 2023-24

Priceline knows where you should go for a winter getaway in the run-up to Christmas.

Priceline has analyzed its own data to find out which places will be particularly popular this season and which will be the cheapest to visit in the coming months.

Cities With Cheapest Hotel Prices

The following hotels have nightly rates of less than $128:


While Branson is well-known for its live entertainment, which includes performances in almost every musical genre, the city also attracts millions of tourists for its attractions, shopping, and outdoor sports, which include fishing. There are a wide variety of attractions in Branson, including ziplines, go-karts, museums, and more.


Jacksonville boasts 22 miles of tranquil beaches, incredible eco-adventures, world-class public art, a rich history, thrilling sights, and the greatest dining scene in the area, making it one of the country’s most affordable tourist destinations.


Unforgettable outdoor experiences, renowned golf, top-notch entertainment, and a variety of life-long attractions await visitors to Kissimmee.

tlantic City

Situated on Absecon Island in South Jersey, the city is well-known for its casinos, nightlife, boardwalk, and beaches and coastline that face the Atlantic Ocean.


Texas is well-known for its role in space exploration, as well as for its varied culinary scene, sports teams, energy sector, museums, and cultural establishments.

These cities are under $145 per night


Austin thriving during COVID, attracting US remote workers and new jobs

Austin, Texas, is home to hundreds of live music venues and some of the best music festivals in the country, earning the city the nickname “Live Music Capital of the World”

Pigeon Forge

Tennessee’s Pigeon Forge is renowned for its abundant natural beauty and rich cultural history. With enough to do for visitors of all ages, it’s one of the most well-liked tourist spots in the nation.

Las Vegas

The entire Las Vegas Valley is the most important financial, commercial and cultural center in Nevada. The city proudly calls itself the entertainment capital of the world.


In the Pacific Northwest of the United States lies Portland, a bustling, picturesque city. The state’s largest metropolis is known for its expansive green spaces, ranging from beautiful mountain peaks to parks and forests.


Seattle is known for its grunge music scene, hiking, kayaking, Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, the Seahawks and general outdoor lifestyle.

Cities with the Cheapest Flights

With an average cost for round-trip tickets of just $213 are:



The global center of theme parks is Orlando. The most famous theme parks in and around the city are Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, plus at least 32 others.


Families will find the city fascinating because of its many family-friendly features, which include parks, museums, and sports teams.

With roundtrip tickets under $262 are:


There are countless reasons to visit Chicago, including its famous landmarks, original theater, dynamic neighborhoods and award-winning culinary business.


The United States was founded in Philadelphia, the nation’s first World Heritage City, where our Founding Fathers gathered, debated, argued, and ultimately created a new nation.


The sandy beaches of Miami are second to none. Along the city’s miles of pristine coastline, there are plenty of activities to choose from.


Atlanta is the center of Southern entertainment thanks to its world-class restaurants, exciting nightlife, professional sports teams, and variety of activities and events.

Fort Myers


Fort Myers is located on the coast of Southwest Florida and offers a variety of attractions, including beaches, wild waterways, pristine nature preserves and a vibrant shopping and dining district.


Denver, Colorado, is a hiker-friendly city with 300 days of sunshine, bright blue skies and breathtaking mountain views.

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