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Is Bangkok Safe? Travel Advisory 2023

As is true for every travel destination, there are both pluses and minuses to Bangkok, Thailand – an exotic place known as the Land of Smiles.  One key consideration for every traveler is how safe a place is. So let’s talk about the safety issues of Bangkok.

To sum up, Bangkok is a safe place, overall. But what are some details of that?

It is important to consider everything from food safety to pedestrian safety, to taxis, and everything in between.


To say Bangkok is chaotic for pedestrians is likely an understatement.  Vehicles and motorized bikes zip around, even running red lights and not being cautious enough.

So pedestrians need to have their radar up and be extra careful. It is important to follow simple traffic safety practices like looking both ways before crossing streets, and just overall making sure the coast is clear.

It is also important to remember that cars drive on the left side of the street in Bangkok.

n important royal rule

Whatever people do when visiting Bangkok, it is important to never criticize the royal family. That is because there are extremely harsh penalties for doing so.

So to stay safe, travelers should basically just be very cautious and choose words carefully. It is best to not say anything at all about the royal family in an effort to stay safe in Bangkok.

Nightlife tips

Because Bangkok has an active nightlife scene, it is important to refrain from using excess alcohol or any drugs while visiting there.

Being under the influence of any substance can lead to worsening safety in Bangkok, including problems like theft, as people who are under the influence are not paying attention nearly as well. But it is safer to visit Bangkok for someone who remains sober and aware.


Theft and scams

Unfortunately, theft can and does happen in Bangkok, such as in the form of people having their bags snatched away from them. So in this sense, it is not entirely safe to travel to Bangkok.

However, people who keep their guard up and are strategic about their belongings should not have too much to worry about pertaining to this area. Not that anyone wants to be paranoid, but it is wise to have a decent level of suspicion, while paying close attention and being standoffish about trusting strangers.

Safety advisory for female travelers

Some women travel either alone or in groups with other women. So it is good to know whether a place is safe for females like that.

Yes, it is, as long as travelers are wise, such as by not using any alcohol or drugs and being savvy and aware of their surroundings.

The general travel advisory of the U.S. State Department is at Level 1, which means exercise normal precautions

Food safety

Many travelers might not realize this, but Bangkok is the street food capital of the world. The food might be tasty, but how safe is it?

Travelers should always know what to look for in food that might not be safe, such as bad odors and tastes. A good rule of thumb is to purchase food from vendors and restaurants that are popular with customers, assuming that means their food is tried and true.

Drinking water safety

People need to stay hydrated at all times, including while traveling. So travelers need to know about the safety of water in Bangkok.

Unfortunately, some of the water pipes in Bangkok are old and dirty. That can lead to water being contaminated and even not safe to drink.

Travelers should research and ask to find out whether the water they are thinking of drinking is safe. Bottled water is a good route to go for water in Bangkok.

It is definitely possible to travel to Bangkok and stay safe. But it is essential to take numerous precautions, as highlighted here.

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By: Viktor Vincej
Title: Is Bangkok Safe? Travel Advisory 2023
Sourced From: www.travelinglifestyle.net/is-bangkok-safe-travel-advisory-2023/
Published Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2023 19:00:29 +0000

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