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8 Best Beaches in the Canary Islands To Visit in December 2022

Whenever one decides to visit Spain for the holidays, they must have the Canary Islands as one of the destinations. These islands have the best beaches in Spain and provide a great variety to choose from. One can never lack a suitable beach to visit. On the contrary, they may become confused due to the diverse options and incredible features of each location.

The Canary Islands are a great trip destination, even during winter. Whether one goes to Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, or Fuerteventura, one will always have a broad scope of options. This article samples a few of the beautiful sites to guide tourists on some places to start touring.

Corralejo Grandes Playas

Located in northern Fuerteventura, this beach is inside Corralejo National Park. It contains several beaches, each stretching over 7km long.

The place suits those who love long walks on a sandy beach and water sports. Los Lobos Island also stands out incredibly from this location, and the large expanse of water gives one enough room to enjoy.

Kite surfing and driving in the sand dunes also make the beach fun and a must-see destination.



Just like Corralejo, this beach got formed by a combination of sand dunes. It is a unique blend of the desert and the beach, all in one location. This makes it majestic and very special. One can find Maspolamas on the south side of the Gran Canaria. It is advisable to hire a taxi if one doesn’t have their own means or map of the area.

The sand dunes give the perfect spot for privacy seekers, making the beach suitable for nudists. One can also visit the destination for a couples’ holiday and nature exploration. At 2710 meters long, this is the second-longest beach in Gran Canaria.

El Cotillo

Also found in Fuerteventura, this beach got recognition by Tripadvisor to be among the best beaches in Europe in 2015.

The white sand and series of small coves make the place ideal for anyone looking for a quiet time to relax and unwind. Additionally, when one visits during low tide, they can enjoy time with their kids swimming and playing in the water.

During the big tides around September, one can enjoy water games and a fantastic breeze. La Concha Beach is also nearby and can be the perfect place to go there after.



Tripadvisor says this is among the top ten best beaches alongside El Cotillo. With its remote location, one will get an undefiled natural landscape to make their eyes widen.

Most people who come to this place confess that the wild and dramatic landscape seems out of this world.

However, since the place is relatively undeveloped, one may encounter some challenges in getting to the location. If one has a small car, they may get some difficulties due to the dirt road leading to the place.

However, with patience and skillful driving, one can arrive safely. Those with a four-by-four vehicle will enjoy a relatively smooth ride to the destination.


Whenever one wants to visit Gran Canaria with their family, Amadores Beach would be an excellent place to start. With its calm waters and a great view, this white sandy beach is a good place for the kids to play. One may also choose to go swimming or participate in a few water games in the shallow waters.

Amadores is the busiest beach in the Gran Canaria, and you will always find multitudes of people relaxing or swimming. However, those who like going to a less crowded beach may not fully enjoy the view. The beach has a rocky background, which secludes the place from the rest of the area.

With two big hotels on the beach, one can never run short of snacks, drinks, food, and even accommodation. These two also make the beach suitable for those who want to stay near the water to enjoy the evening breeze and beautiful sunrise view.

Playa La Arena

Whenever one gets tired of the typical white beaches, one should visit this dark-colored beach in Tenerife. The dark sand results from volcanic eruptions that occurred many years ago. The molten lava and sand combined give nature lovers an incredible place to enjoy themselves.

Playa La Arena attracts many tourists and local visitors who come to watch the great expanse of the beach. However, this beach isn’t very suitable for swimming since the currents can get very harsh, thus posing a risk to the swimmers. Most times, one will find a red flag flying to show that the water isn’t safe.

Nevertheless, one can visit the beach to enjoy the breeze, play on the black sand, and watch the sunset. With the amazing view of La Gomera and the palm trees giving you shade and a breeze, one will go home feeling relaxed and refreshed.


digital nomad

Famara is an ideal location for those who would like to surf in Lanzarote. The area has strong winds and waves that give surfers a fantastic time. Therefore, one can visit the place for an adventurous time and learn how to surf. Many surfing schools also bring their students to this place for practical lessons.

Apart from surfing, one may also find paragliders enjoying the wind and waves. However, this beach rarely gets crowded. It is vast enough to host these water sports and provide enough space for those who come to relax, swim, and sunbathe.

Located on the west coast, this destination has large majestic cliffs on one side that seem to guard the white beach. Other perks of Famara are the cheap restaurants and accommodation in nearby villages. Therefore, one can stay for a few days and go home as a skilled surfer.

Las Conchas

Las Conchas lies on the northern side of La Graciosa. The benefit of coming to this beach is that it never has crowds of people and gives one time away from life’s stressful needs. This is truly a hidden gem, and the people of the island say that it was the inspiration behind Robert Louis Stevenson’s book, Treasure Island.

When one gets to this place, one understands the magic of the golden sand and secluded beach. The turquoise water, relaxing breeze, and privacy provided suit couples and those who want to enjoy nature’s beauty away from crowds.


One can never visit the Canary Islands and fail to get a suitable beach to go to and relax. The varieties, hotels, and colorful water provide a scenery like no other.

Additionally, whenever one is around the area for several days, one can visit two or three different beaches depending on their location. From the dark volcanic sand to the white dunes, each beach gives visitors a unique experience.

Since the Canary Islands are very wide, one requires to research beforehand and know the location and facilities available. If one doesn’t know their way around, they can hire a taxi or work with a local to avoid getting lost. All in all, these beaches ensure that all who visit get a lifetime treat and the desire to return for another dose from mother nature.

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Title: 8 Best Beaches in the Canary Islands To Visit in December 2022
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