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5 TOP Outdoor U.S. Destinations For 2023

Due to the current economic uncertainty, travelers are now seeking outdoor experiences for the upcoming year. Thankfully, America is full of differing topography across its 3.797 million mi² areas, offering the active a plethora of options to meet their travel goals.

From low-cost camping to remote work on RVs, younger people are taken advantage to plan more trips and experience the bounty of the amazing landscapes, mountains, lakes, and roads across the United States.

According to a recent study published by Campspot, campers are looking for budget-saving trips from RV adventures to exploring National Parks to get their fill.

The study showed that as many look for affordable travel experiences, 53% of campers said that their camping budget was less than $500.

The data showed these select trips as great options to both save money as well as an abundance of outdoor experiences. Furthermore, according to the study, 47% of young travelers want to take an RV trip in 2023, which is more possible now thanks to remote work possibilities.

Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort in California offers many activities, great amenities, and camping spaces starting at $60 per night.Sun Outdoors Rocky Mountains in Colorado offers great views, pools, amenities, and activities with RV sites starting at $65 per night. Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

Camp-Resort, Golden Valley is close to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, with tent areas starting at $52 per night.Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

Camp-Resort, Tower Park in California is set next to the river and is great for families. Prices for sites per night start at $79.Sun Outdoors Coos Bay in Oregon offers great spots with oceanfront and good prices starting at $52 per night.

camper van in redwoods

79% of Campspot users also said that they would visit a national or a state park in 2023, with the most popular regions being: Montana, Tennessee, Florida and North Carolina.

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By: Jarone Ashkenazi
Title: 5 TOP Outdoor U.S. Destinations For 2023
Sourced From: www.travelinglifestyle.net/5-top-outdoor-u-s-destinations-for-2023/
Published Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2022 13:38:14 +0000

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