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10 U.S. Companies Offering Remote Jobs With 6-Figure Pay In 2023

Working from the comfort of your home sounds like the ideal dream for many Americans. What could be better than walking straight from your bed to your home office?

For those people’s benefit, many reputable, well-known companies in the U.S. are hiring remote workers. They offer everything from entry-level to executive positions, some with very high incomes.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 33% of U.S. companies have expanded telework for some or all of their employees as a result of the pandemic in 2020.

So let’s look at some American businesses that are currently hiring a lot of remote workers:


If you enjoy watching Netflix, you might be interested in one of the 46 jobs the American branch of the California-based firm is hiring for.

There are opportunities in a variety of fields, including finance, data science, consumer products, and game design, with certain positions, like Data Analyst, paying up to $750K year. in addition to parental leave and health insurance.

Check out these Netflix remote job listings

General Motors

A little over 30 remote positions are now available at General Motors, a car manufacturer with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. These positions are available not only in IT, but also in technology, engineering, corporate strategy, data management, and sales and marketing.

Many of these positions also offer salaries of up to $144,000 and “generous” paid time off, health insurance plans, and discounts on GM vehicle purchases – including for your friends and family.

Check out these General Motors remote job listings.

UnitedHealth Group

Jobs are available for people with diverse levels of expertise. There are now over 700 remote positions available in business operations, information technology, nursing, and customer service.

Even some of these remote jobs offer annual salaries of up to $226,800. All UHG employees are also eligible for benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, savings plan and paid vacation.

Check out these UnitedHealth Group remote job listings.

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Work-from-home opportunities are available at the corporate headquarters of Walgreens, the prestigious U.S. drugstore chain, including popular positions as customer service representatives and pharmacy technicians.

In addition to earning up to $240,000 a year working from home, you can also take advantage of benefits such as flexible paid time off, employer paid life insurance, paid health insurance, and a retirement savings plan.

Check out these Walgreens remote job listings.


As with most of the previously listed companies, positions are available for entry-level to senior level employees in areas such as finance, marketing, and data entry.

Some of these positions at PayPal offer salaries of more than $280,000, as well as benefits such as family support, paid time off, health insurance, and other pleasant extras.

Check out these PayPal remote job listings


Lowe’s, another popular home improvement retailer in America, offers some jobs that do not require you to commute to work or enter a Lowe’s location.

Salaries for some open positions at Lowe’s range from $48,300 to $170,000, and the company also promises generous benefits such as paid time off, insurance plans, retirement planning accounts, and a discount on purchases at the store.

Check out these Lowe remote job listings



A few positions in various departments, including legal counsel and IT, are open with yearly wages in the $200K level.

All FedEx employees receive health insurance, paid time off, parental leave, paid holidays, and discounts on leisure travel.

Check out these FedEx remote job listings.

ULTA Beauty

The beauty of the $190K income you can earn at ULTA Beauty may make up for the fact that you will not be working directly with your favorite cosmetics and hair care products.

You could qualify for a variety of work-from-home professions, from roles in corporate strategy and information technology to those in finance and supply chain.

Check out these ULTA Beauty remote job listings


CVS needs to fill a startling 468 remote job openings in a variety of areas, including customer support, finance, sales and much more. Job openings range from entry-level positions to management positions.

Numerous of these jobs come with six-figure salaries of up to $160,000 a year or excellent $5,000 starting bonuses if you are hired.

Check out these CVS remote job listings.


Pinterest corporate office in San Jose, California is currently hiring for some remote roles with starting wages of around $300,000.

One of the 28 vacant opportunities in a variety of entry-level and senior-level roles may be the ideal fit for you if you have experience in finance, marketing, or IT.

Check out these Pinterest remote job listings.

Home Depot

There are approximately 124 full-time remote positions available at Home Depot in corporate areas such as customer service, management, IT and cybersecurity.

Every Home Depot employee is eligible for benefits such as salary supplements, paid parental leave and employee discounts on clothing, groceries and gadgets. Some positions at this company pay up to $190,000.

Check out these Home Depot remote job listings

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