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10 Best Entry-Level Remote Jobs In High Demand In 2022

Fortunately, businesses are starting to trend towards remote work and simply not requiring that the person they hire can do the job but that they are willing to learn and can be trained for.

With that said, keep in mind that there are some careers and jobs where you already might have the experience and you just need the training to make it a proper skill. Here is our list of the most demanded entry-level remote jobs


Writers provide content to numerous companies. This can be done in a variety of languages and is often related to pieces written for websites, newsletters, emails, social media posts, and blog entries. In fact, writing was a remote job long before that become increasingly popular – i.e. before the advent of computers.

Customer Service

In most cases, working in a customer service position simply requires taking part in on-the-job training to learn the information about the company that you need to know in order to effectively do the job. As long as you have communication skills that you can combine with, you should be set.

Entry Level Programming

An increasingly popular type of work that simply requires those entering it to know the information necessary is this one. Programmers write programming code and debug any already written code that is experiencing issues.

Some of the positions require just a few weeks of training before you can actually start doing them and continue improving. You can find many of these open positions on job websites such as indeed.com.


More and more individuals are taking part in online tutoring, and being a tutor generally does not require any type of degree in order to receive the opportunity to do this job. You just need to have a firm handle on the topic that you are tutoring and you can be trained for that.

Teaching English

First, a caveat for this one: in many cases, teaching English does require that applicants have at least a bachelor’s degree. However, there are definite exceptions. Otherwise, the skill set necessary is similar to tutoring, more specifically your ability to communicate well with others and be patient while doing so.

Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant working remotely

These individuals assist others with things that they may not have the time to do or are interested in doing.

Examples of activities that you may do as a virtual assistant include filling out their schedule and reading their emails, managing websites, customer support, managing eCommerce, etc.

Virtual Assistant is a very trendy job position in high demand, check this list of best websites to find one.

Entry-Level Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a field that individuals can self-teach themselves into. These skills would then be used to create various types of art that are useful for companies and individuals.

Data Entry/transcribing

Data entry is a position that requires you to essentially copy text from one place to another. The main skill that is required is the ability to type fast. Conversely, those who engage in transcribing listen to an audio file or watch a video and type what is being said.

rts Teacher

If you are talented in one or more of the arts, you can utilize that skill in remotely teaching it to others. This can be applied to those who engage in the performing arts, such as dancing or singing, as well as artists who do things such as paint.

Fitness Trainer

Individuals skilled in physical fitness can turn that ability into helping others improve their own physical state. This can consist of doing activities as varied as yoga and weight training. Ensuring that the person being instructed is doing the activity in a safe way is an important element of this remote job.

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By: Viktor Vincej
Title: 10 Best Entry-Level Remote Jobs In High Demand In 2022
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